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Hi, we are Dreiwald

Woodworking | Apps | E-Learning

Our Recipe

Take two developers, two laptops, a CNC-mill and a heck of passion and creativity.

What do you get ?

Dreiwald. We manufacture in small quantities, sharing our skills with E-learning and program apps to make your day better and easier.



electrical engineer, programmer and design enthusiast


“Strive for the perfect design is a journey I like to go. I always try to go ways a little different than before.”



media informatic specialist, maker and addicted to woodworking


“I like to make things that look and feel pleasing to me. Always driven by the basic priciple: form follows function”

our Devisions

Enrolled Students


Broken CNC endmills

Bottles of Mate


Our own designed and handcrafted products for you
Made in Germany in our Manufactory

Software Development

Here we present our upcoming Apps and tools that we are developing,
to make your day better



Share our skills with you!

We want you to be creativeso we try to help you on thisjourne